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Waldorf Astoria Orlando

The Waldorf Astoria, a luxury hotel located in the heart of Orlando, Florida needed a total access control and parking solution, which FDC was able to deliver in a big way.  Located near the Orange County Convention center and Orlando International Airport, the Waldorf Astoria is a prime location for business travelers and needed to have an automated parking solution for guests.  Automated parking equipment eliminates the need for a full staff.

FDC installed a card access system for Waldorf’s employees and guests, integrating Saflok room card keys with parking equipment information so that only the one access card was needed to work with ScanNet software.  The card reader system also reads access cards from employees granting them access to the parking facilities.

To control access to the garage, FDC installed Federal APD G-90 barrier gates and FAPD ticket spitters (dispensers) eliminating the need for attendants.  Pay stations throughout the parking garage calculate fees and accept payment, releasing tickets that are verified on the guest’s way out of the facility.  A pay-in-lane station is also available for visitors to pay from their vehicle.  This saves on payroll and potential theft.

Should an issue arise, Viking intercom systems are available to call the valet office or a hotline that can send help or open gates remotely via telephone.  These automated systems makes transactions lightning fast and keep traffic flowing at a steady pace.

Events being held at the Waldorf can come with special parking discounts, and the equipment is prepared to accept parking vouchers that handle these discounts.  Parking vouchers can be offered to visitors by restaurants, gift shops, the on-site golf course…you name it.

FDC has locations throughout Florida.  Offices in Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Melbourne and Tampa make us Florida’s premiere access control system and entrance management solution.


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