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Parking Equipment Solutions

Parking lots, or car parks, are everywhere, and use a variety of parking equipment types to control traffic into them including gate systems, automated pay stations, and vehicle detection equipment.  FDC has installed parking equipment in a variety of locations and environments.  For example:

This Jacksonville, Florida parking garage is fitted with pay-in-lane pay stations, barrier gates, attendant stations and access controls.

FDC has everything necessary for a fully operational parking garage.  Pay-in-lane pay stations with ticket dispensers, car counters and detection loops, & whole attendant booths can be all be installed and supported by FDC.  Bollards can be installed to protect your equipment from vehicle strikes.  Barrier gate arms and grill gates can block access to facilities until dues are paid.

But if your looking for parking equipment solutions for a parking lot or other outdoor parking facility that may be subject to weather, take a look at this:

A beautiful beach side parking solution from FDC

FDC has fitted this gorgeous west coast beach with Digital Payment Technologies parking stations for a clean, modern look that compliments the functionality and dependability needed to keep beach parking in order.  Our Tampa, Florida office installs and maintains parking solutions from the Tampa &  Sarasota area t0 Ft. Myers and Naples.

These parking solutions were provided by our Jacksonville and Tampa offices.  FDC has locations throughout Florida in Jacksonville, Tampa, Melbourne, Orlando and Miami.


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