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Gate Security

Gate Securitygate security

Today we’ll be talking about maximizing gate security.  Our gates are our first line of defense against intruders or unwelcome guests.  While a gate is a terrific vehicle deterrent, sometimes communities or businesses want a little bit more.


V-track slide gates are by far the best gate style to maximize gate security.  They roll swiftly across the track to lock into place on the other side of the entrance, and are very difficult to lift.  If you have concerns about swing gates getting pushed open, the V-track gate system is what you want.

Camera Systems

Gate security can be beefed even more with a CCTV set up.  Closed circuit television allows you to tie multiple cameras back to a main security gate house or monitoring room, and recording devices such as DVR’s allow you to save as much of that footage as you would like.  This comes in handy to identify intruders as well as residents who collide with gate equipment.  This footage is also useful to provide during insurance claims.
Anti-Reach Gates
Pedestrian and pool gates are often considered a vulnerability as people can reach over or through them to unlock and gain access.  FDC pedestrian gates often contain anti-reach elements to prevent this from happening, such as wire mesh panels, ornamental plates, and other creative options.


Finally, the SecuraSwing gate closer is the last element we will discuss in our mission to maximize gate security.  This device is a hydraulic closer that attaches to the bottom of an existing gate, or better yet can be built into a brand new StrongWeld pedestrian gate.  This device closes gates behind forgetful or pre-occupied softly and securely, every time.

Security Gate House

security gate house solutions by FDCSecurity Gate House

FDC is your security gate house solution.  Whether you are a gated community with a security guard, a parking lot with an attendant that collects fares, or an industrial work yard with a live attendant that checks access credentials, FDC can provide everything you need to keep your entrance secure.

What kind of pre-fabricated structure are you looking for?  FDC offers a variety of pre-built guard houses, prefabricated gate houses, guard shacks, and valet stations.  On top of that, FDC offers all the automated gate solutions you may need as well.

A pre-engineered security gate house is an easy, affordable alternative to constructing a building from scratch.  A pre-constructed security gate house also reduces any downtime you might experience waiting on a building to be constructed.

You can get your security gate house constructed from various materials to stand up to Florida’s many harsh environments.  Duraluminum is a maintenance free anodized aluminum that stands up best to coastal salt air.  Durasteel is a very strong material that can allow for more custom features such as ballistic rated walls and windows.

In summary, FDC provides the best warranty in the business. – so contact FDC today for a free quote on a customized structure or gate today!