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Halloween Event at FDC 2023

FDC takes a quick break from security gates to celebrate Halloween with a small Halloween Event involving tacos and costumes.  Everyone had a great day, and those that participated in the costume contest got prizes.FDC's 2023 Halloween Event

Halloween at FDC has come and gone but the fun we had will be remembered. We held a small costume contest amongst the crew and those that chose to dress up did a great job! When the day was ending, I asked the contestants what Halloween means to them. Below you can read their answers and see pictures of our costumes!

Scott: “Halloween to me is always an opportunity for joy and humor. As an adult I have always used it to be creative and make people laugh and smile. I never felt compelled to be scary, that is not part of my DNA. I’m not a horror movie guy and not a big prank people to make them scream guy. I am more of a make people laugh and smile guy. Hopefully I did that today.” 

Holly: “I look forward to the traditions with my family; pumpkin picking, haunted houses, trick or treating and of course watching Hocus Pocus for the 100th time.”

Steve: “It gives me a chance to put a smile on people’s faces by being silly in a not so silly world.” 

Stacy: “For a long time I lost the Halloween spirit. But now after witnessing my daughter at 4 years old, her excitement has lit the spark. Halloween is the smiling faces, laughter and mischief in the night. It’s the cool autumn breeze and the smell of pumpkin spice. It’s an opportunity to be magical and free… with a side of candy of course. Stepping into another world of spooks and ghoulie goodness. Halloween is all the fun childhood memories we sometimes forget.” 

As you can see, Halloween can mean something different to everyone, but it seems to be an excuse for all of us to let loose, have fun, and make new memories and traditions with the people we care about! Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! I’d like to thank Glenn and Kelly for allowing us to work in an environment where we can be productive and have some holiday fun! Appreciate you both to no end! Till our next Halloween Event!





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