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Safety Halloween Tips – Spooky Safety

Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, as well as that of many others! A time for parties, trick or treating, and haunted houses. Fun that people of all ages can enjoy! However, in the midst of all this excitement, its still important to stay diligent about safety. In this article we will cover some Halloween safety tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe to insure that your Halloween festivities are both fun and safe!

Safety Halloween Tips: Costumes

Costumes- One of the most fun parts of Halloween. In this day and age there are so many options to choose from. It’s no longer just bed-sheet ghosts and skeleton masks to choose from. That’s why its important to try to keep safety on your mind when choosing. It can be a difficult to remember, but here are some costume safety tips.

  • Select costumes made with a fire-resistant material to reduce the risk of any potential fire related accidents.
  • Make sure you get the correct size for your costume. Put back costumes that don’t fit properly to help avoid any potential tripping hazards. Mask sizing is important too. If the mask is too small or too big, you may not be able to see out of it properly.
  • When choosing make-ups or face paints, always opt for non toxic and remember to properly clean your face before bed to avoid any irritation.

halloween safety tipsSafety Halloween Tips: Trick-or-Treating

Who doesn’t love candy? Trick or treating was one of my favorite activities growing up. Walking the neighborhood with friends and family and visiting neighbor’s houses to see what treats were waiting for you was an exciting part of my childhood. Luckily, I had good parental guidance to help me stay safe while out and about. Here are some tips to help you properly guide your children too!

  • Plan your route ahead of time with safety in mind. Choose well lit neighborhoods and places you’re familiar with.
  • With trick or treating being a night time activity, visibility can be poor. Giving the kids glow sticks or flashlights can be a great way to help everyone see where they are going. Attaching reflective tape to costumes that are not bright, or easily visible, can be a great way to help others see where the children are as well.
  • Young children should always be accompanied by responsible adults.
  • Before digging into the candy (I know, waiting is difficult) be sure to check for any safety concerns or visible tampering of packaging.

Home and Yard Safety

Setting your home up with scary decorations and cool lighting can be another fun way to help transform your place of living and turn it into a fun experience for everyone to enjoy. If you are planning on sharing with the public, or inviting friends over for a party, keep safety in mind with these tips.

  • Opt for battery operated candles versus open flame candles to help avoid any fire hazards.
  • Keep your walkways free of any obstructive ghosts, ghouls, or giant spider webs to help prevent any trips and falls.
  • If you have pets, try to place them in a secure area so they don’t get overtly excited and anxious.

Traditional Trick-or-Treating alternatives

There is a chance you live in an area that you’re not entirely comfortable in, or maybe you live in the middle of nowhere with little to no neighborhoods to trick or treat in. There are alternatives in most places and they can be fun and safe for all!

  • Explore different trunk-or-treat options in your community or school. Kids can collect treats from decorated car trunks in a safe, fun environment.
  • Look for community or school sponsored events that typically feature fun activities, games, or performances for families to enjoy!
  • Virtual Halloween parties are also becoming a popular alternative.

Driving Safety

You may find yourself driving quite a bit on Halloween. That’s why its important to keep these things in mind when considering safe driving on Halloween.

  • STAY ALERT. Drive the speed limit or below in residential areas.
  • DO NOT drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you need a ride, call a friend or an Uber.
  • When applicable, appoint a designated driver if you plan to consume alcohol at a party.


Halloween is an exciting and fun time of the year. With all the fun and excitement, we need to remain diligent with the Halloween safety tips above to stay safe and to be able to enjoy many Halloweens to come! Keep the little Ghosts and Ghouls safe on Halloween by inspecting their candy, keeping them visible, and making sure everyone has the proper sized costume. Drive safely and ask for a ride if you need it. Do your best to make your home a safe place for party goer’s and trick-or-treaters. If you can do all of this, you will have a Scary good time. Happy Halloween!

– FDC Safety.

FDC specializes in access control and security gates.



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