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Parking Gate System

How does FDC create a comprehensive parking gate system?

Well, we’ve been innovating since 1978.  As we continue to grow, and demand for security increases, FDC has learned to implement a large number of devices from several of leading manufacturers into one comprehensive parking gate system that you can rely on.  We are constantly installing new access control systems and testing their limits.  If the products don’t keep up with the times, we find new products.

A parking gate system is comprised of several key components.  The most basic system would be comprised of barrier gates and parking revenue equipment.  The equipment would collect a fee and cause the gate to open.  Software like TIBA Smartpark allows you to take those basic needs and add layers upon layers of customization to measure every aspect of your parking facility.  Special instructions, financial reports, added security measures; whatever you need, the software is the backbone of fleshing out the system to get it where you want it.

Strategic use of camera systems is another factor that can have multiple advantages.  Cameras can be used to monitor parking structures for safety, or view lanes to provide customer service.  Some cameras are also capable of opening and closing gates by reading license plates.  These LPR (license plate recognition) cameras communicate with the software and lane equipment automatically, helping create a fully automated parking garage.

Dual tilt parking gate system
Dual tilt gate system for a parking garage

The gates themselves are a huge part of the parking gate system.  Businesses that collect revenue from parkers typically have high traffic and rely on barrier gates.  Parking garages that house vehicles for apartment buildings or condos focus more on security of vehicles over traffic flow, and tend to utilize sectional grilles and tilt gates.  FDC has been Florida’s leading manufacturer of tilt gates and sectional grilles for well over three decades.  Our StrongWeld brand of automatic gate is used by Florida Power and Light, Duke Energy, and several other utilities and municipal entities throughout the state.  StrongWeld gates are also requested at certain utility plants in North Carolina and on islands in the Caribbean.

When you are looking for parking solutions in Florida, look no further than FDC.  With offices in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando and Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, our consultants know what hardships parking garages face and what it takes to create a truly comprehensive and manageable parking gate system!


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