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Florida Fish and Wildlife

The sunshine state has long been a home to several diverse ecosystems. We have a lot of biodiversity here and its amazing the kind of wildlife you can see on a regular basis. However, as urbanization and environmental challenges pose a threat to our biodiversity, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) have become a guardian for our endangered species. In this article, we will discuss some of the great success stories involving the FWC’s initiatives.  We will learn how their conservation efforts have preserved and revitalized populations of once threatened species.

Florida Fish and Wildlife: Five Florida Icons

Florida is home to many popular species, but these five really encompass some of Florida’s most important ecosystems. Most of these animals instantly remind you of our State and people travel from all over to see them in their natural habitat.

The Florida Panther

Among the most iconic and endangered species in Florida is the Florida Panther. A majestic and beautiful animal, the Florida Panther has suffered population losses from decades of habitat loss and vehicle collisions. FWC developed a comprehensive conservation program which included habitat protection, road design improvements, and captive breeding programs. This led to the population rising from a mere handful to a more sustainable number. This success story stands as a testament to the efficacy of strategic conservation measures. Florida Panthers can live as far north as Orlando but mainly exist in the Southwest part of the state in between our Tampa and Miami locations.

florida fish and wildlfe

The Manatee

A gentle giant and beautiful creature, the manatee has been a symbol of Florida for many years. I remember receiving a care package from my grandparents in FL as a kid that contained a VHS tape talking about the Manatee and how important it was and that fact stayed with me my whole life. Unfortunately, the Manatee has seen many troubles. The loss of warm weather habitats and a great number of boat strikes have significantly impacted the population. Fortunately, the FWC has stepped in with speed zone regulations within Manatee habitats, rehabilitation programs, and numerous public awareness campaigns. These have contributed to a great rebound in manatee populations. They are now on the path to recovery, which means you have the opportunity to see these creatures in the wild. We had the pleasure of doing business with the FPL – Manatee Lagoon where you have the opportunity to learn about and even observe these animals in their natural habitat.

Bald Eagle Revival

A symbol of freedom everywhere, the Bald eagle faced a perilous decline. Habitat destruction and detrimental effects of DDT plagued the Bald eagle population in Florida, but the FWC stepped in again to help our National Symbol soar high. Through rigorous protection measures, habitat restoration, and captive breeding programs, the FWC contributed to a resurgence of the population in Florida today.

Sea Turtle Conservation

One of the oceans most beloved creatures, the Sea turtle uses Florida’s Coastlines for nesting purposes. We have loggerhead, green, and leatherback sea turtles that live here.  All of them have faced declines in population due to coastal development, artificial lighting, and many other human related activities. Luckily, the FWC has a multifaceted approach to counteract the decline. This includes nest protection, hatchling releases, and beach conservation programs. This has helped with the resurgence in sea turtle populations. The collaboration between the FWC, organizations, and local communities has been of key importance in helping preserve these incredible creatures.

Red Cockaded Woodpecker

The Red Cockaded Woodpecker calls Florida’s pine forests home, and because of this, have faced habitat loss and changes in fire regimes. The FWC has stepped in with meticulous habitat management, controlled burns, and artificial cavity installation to help foster a positive environment for these endangered birds. The population increase of this bird is a prime example of how habitat focused strategies can reverse the fortunes of threatened species.


Florida has many remarkable conservation stories that can be shared and we’ve only just scratched the surface. The dedicated efforts of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have shown the power of strategic initiatives in helping preserve and grow populations of endangered species. As we celebrate these incredible triumphs, we are reminded that with a strong commitment and informed practices, we can continue to protect Florida’s vast biodiversity for many generations to come.


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