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Security Access Gates

Security Access Gates

security access gates
Security Access Gates by FDC

Security access gates are some of the most important security measures used by power plants, military bases, prisons, government buildings, and other sensitive areas.  Therefore, FDC builds StrongWeld gates to be the most reliable, most trusted security access gates in the state of Florida.

Here’s what makes a StrongWeld gate!

They are lightweight.  The base industrial models consist an aluminum frame fitted with aluminized chain link fabric.  The lightweight frame allows operators to open gates up to 40’ quickly and smoothly without putting major strain on the operator.

See it in action here.  HySecurity SlideDriver operator speed test on 40’ StrongWeld security access gates.

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FDC designs StrongWeld gates for security.  Strong welds, proper banding, v-track support all lend themselves to a secure gate that is hard to get through.  WE can fit them with barbed wire for maximum security, and can install so that they penetrate the ground to prevent crawl under.  These gates are used at maximum security correctional institutions.

Finally, StrongWeld gates are durable.  Florida’s environment is quite taxing on metal.  Our aluminum frames and fabrics are built to stand up to Florida weather better than steel.  StrongWeld gates are the gate of choice at beach side locations, both commercial and residential.

Many power plants across the state use StrongWeld security access gates as their first line of security.  NASA and other government agencies also rely on StrongWeld gates to protect their facilities.  FDC is a GSA preferred government contractor, with some of the best prices on the GSA schedule.

So what are you waiting for?  Download brochures and learn more about various StrongWeld gates on our online catalog here.

We have offices in Jacksonville, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa and Melbourne looking to serve you and all your access control needs.  Call FDC today for your free consultation.  800-321-6487


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