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A Mentor is someone that can be considered wise, trust worthy, and approachable. Mentorships in some companies may be considered formal whilst others may be someone you work with daily that helps you with new tasks. It could begin by someone simply seeking advice from someone more experienced in their job. Mentorship at FDC is extremely important to how we continue to grow and do business here. Within our company we are very fortunate to have many people that are very knowledgeable in their field. Most have several years of experience that can be used to teach us how to better perform the tasks at hand. Below I have included a list of how Mentorship can benefit a company.

Benefits of Mentorship

Training Benefitsmentorship program

  • Reduced stress in the workplace. When you are being trained by someone that’s more experienced in your field of work, you tend to receive better training. When you have a clear understanding of the tasks you have to complete, you tend to be less stressed. On top of that, you also have someone that experiences what you experience on a daily basis, so there is a level of understanding there that you may not get from home.
  • Generally, when you are trained by someone with more experience, you also pick up how they handle their work more safely. Which means fewer injuries and accidents overall.
  • Tips and tricks taught to you by your mentor can help improve efficiency quite a bit. This means you are maximizing the amount of time you are considered productive.

Mental Health Benefits

  • Morale is also increased to a higher level when everyone is helping each other out. When you have a situation or a problem that you need help solving, you know you can always reach out to a mentor and they will help solve it without fear of reprimand.
  • When you have a good mentorship program, it can eventually lead to career advancements. Having someone offer you guidance on how they moved up in the company, and what steps you can take to improve, will help you for years to follow.
  • Your confidence may also improve. Receiving positive feedback from your Mentor after completing a task can feel great and in turn can help boost your motivation to take on new challenges.
  • Mentors may also see many benefits from this type of relationship. This can include receiving a fresh perspective on the current job tasks.  You may have a greater job satisfaction from helping others succeed. It can also be a way to practice leadership skills to help with your own future career path.

As you can see, there are many benefits to a Mentorship program in the workplace. We all have a much higher chance at success when we can learn, grow, and ultimately have less workplace stress under someone that wants you to succeed. Now let’s take a look at some ways Mentors can do their part in a meaningful way.

Mentorship tips

  • Build trust and rapport by talking with your Mentee. Learn what their challenges, goals, and aspirations are, and make them feel like they can come to you with any problem they may have.
  • Set clear expectations for what the Mentorship program entails. Discuss what they would like to achieve under the program and what kind of guidance and support you may offer.
  • Be sure to actively listen to your Mentee. Paying attention to how your Mentee is doing helps show genuine interest in their success.
  • Everyone learns differently, so do your best to teach them in a way that’s going to have the greatest impact.
  • Share your personal experiences to help give them guidance with potential problems and how they can go about solving them.
  • Offer constructive feedback on your mentee’s work. Let them know where they can improve while also acknowledging their strengths.
  • When applicable, offer guidance, not solutions. Help guide them to the solution of the problem without giving it to them directly so that they can learn how to properly problem solve.
  • Help them set goals to work towards.
  • Provide networking opportunities by introducing them to fellow coworkers and bringing them to industry related events.
  • Celebrate their achievements. This not only helps them feel like their progressing but also helps you feel like you’re really contributing to this person’s success.
  • Maintain confidentiality and do not share what they choose to share with you.


If a Mentorship is something that you feel may help you, it may be beneficial to reach out to someone you work with. Choose someone you respect and feel has the proper knowledge for you to reach new goals within the work place. The same goes for Mentors themselves. If you feel it may benefit your company, look into what you can do to put a program together and be actively searching for ways to help new and present employees. Remember that the company works better as a whole when everyone is working together to help improve what you do.




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