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Innovative Parking Solutions

Innovative Parking Solutions

innovative parking solutions
Innovative Parking Solutions – Hotel Key & Parking Interface

For almost 40 years now, FDC has been an innovator in access control and entrance management solutions.  Our innovative parking solutions are some of the work we are most proud of.  These solutions span several industries, airports, municipalities, hospitals; anywhere visitors need to park their vehicles, FDC has created a solution.

Some of our most innovative parking solutions were created for the hospitality industry.  This industry is all about making things nice and easy for the customer, so that also includes access control.  Hotels in particular have several areas that a guest or visitor may need to access, and those guests may be on a tight schedule.  FDC innovative parking solutions have included systems that take the guests room key, program access to parking garages, and also tie in to informational kiosks that provide scheduling information.

3d innovative parking solutions
3D Model of a Sectional Grille

When it comes to planning a parking garage or parking structure, FDC is there to help.  Our engineering department is always hard at work creating new designs in CAD, and now we have even started providing 3D virtual gate systems to give architects or end users a better idea of what a sectional grille or tilt gate looks like fully assembled.  We can use these to point out some of the challenges that come up when trying to install a gate system into a garage that doesn’t have enough clearance or has other obstructions in the way.  That’s just one more way FDC provides innovative parking solutions to the state of Florida!

Serving Florida from offices in Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami / Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, and Melbourne.  Contact FDC toll free 800-321-6487 to get a free quote from an innovative parking solutions consultant today!

FDC is Florida’s authorized T.I.B.A. dealer!


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