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How to Improve Company Culture

Culture. Simply defined it means the character and personality of an organization. But how does this contribute to safety and the overall environment in the workplace? Moreover, we should ask ourselves how to improve company culture. Hopefully, we can help explain the how and the ways that may help us improve our culture here at FDC.

I think the best way to define culture’s effect in the workplace is best defined by Airbnb’s CEO, Brian Chesky, who states that what you do and how you do it effects the character and personality of the organization as a whole, and vice versa. This means that when you go about your company’s process with integrity, honesty, and doing things to the best of your capabilities, you help add to the overall culture of the business. When all of your organization approaches work like this the same way, then that becomes the culture of your business and helps build trust within the company. Then everyone will do what’s right when it comes down to it. When there is a large amount of trust within the company’s culture, there isn’t a large need for heavy amounts of strict rules and guidelines. At this point, the company becomes less corporate like, and more like a family.

Using the information provided, we can now apply this to how culture affects safety. When you start to take the well-being of yourself and the people you work with into account like you would your own family, you tend to take more steps to avoid anyone getting hurt. If every person has this attitude within the organization, the culture becomes more safety conscious, and everyone is looking out for one another. This means less injuries overall, a higher morale, and contributions to the company feeling more like a family.

With a culture that’s based with family-like principles, taking everyone’s well-being and safety into account, we can keep a respectful, responsible, and a more enjoyable work environment intact. When everyone comes to work knowing more often than not that their work environment will be more enjoyable than stressful, we tend to enjoy coming to work. This helps contribute greatly to productivity as well as everyone doing their job to the best of their capabilities, and keeping everyone safe, happy, and healthy. In my own opinion, I believe FDC does a great job at building a great family-like culture, but it is important to always look for new ways to improve. Here is a list of things we can keep in mind to always try to improve upon in order to keep this culture alive.

Tips on How to Improve Company Culture

  1. Leadership Commitment: When leaders do their best to prioritize safety, it sends a strong message to the employees that safety and their overall well-being is important to the core values of the company.
  2. Clear policies and procedures: When everyone has effective training on their company’s procedures and guidelines, it helps ensure that everyone works as safely and efficiently as possible.
  3. Employee involvement: Encourage employees to be a part of the conversation concerning safety. Their input is invaluable and they will have plenty of insights and day-to-day experiences that help build our safety policies.
  4. Training and Education: Providing regular training to both new and experienced employees will help keep safety in the forefront of their minds. Training for technical aspects of the job, and how to identify hazards, are also equally important to maintaining a high level of knowledge for employees.
  5. Communication: Build an environment where there can be open and transparent conversation about safety concerns or incidents without fear of reprisal. Using safety meetings, newsletters, and articles also help contribute to this.
  6. Recognition and Rewards: Rewarding those that demonstrate a wealth of safety-minded procedures within their work helps build another motivational tool to encourage safe practices.
  7. Accountability: Be sure to hold all employees accountable to the safety protocols in place. If there is any unsafe behavior that goes unaddressed, it can erode the safe culture you work hard to build.
  8. Continuous improvement: Be proactive about seeking improvements in your safety protocols by talking to your co-workers regularly about what they think needs improvement as well as continuous training with the latest safety data.
  9. Leading by Example: Leaders and supervisors should be following safety protocols to help model the desired behavior.
  10. Promote Well-being: Show an understanding that Mental/Physical well being are interconnected. Help drive this home by encouraging a stress-free work life balance, offering stress management resources, and by encouraging open communication about mental health often.

At FDC we are always thinking about how to improve company culture .

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