COVID-19 Procedures

We want everyone to know that our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.  We are closely monitoring the situation and government recommendations.

If you have special accommodations we need to meet to serve you at this time, please let us know.  We understand the need for such measures.

 We also want to make sure we can continue to provide service to our customers during this time.  While we are taking increased precautions, we want everyone to consider:

  1. Techs and Installers typically work in isolation away from the public on most of our install types.  For those jobs that take place indoors we are providing work strategies and PPE to employees to keep everyone safe.
  2. Access needs and security concerns will not go away during this time, and FDC will continue to operate during normal business hours and offer emergency service.
  3. While we intend to stick to our schedules as closely as possible, some may be subject to change in the event of unforeseen circumstances.  We see this being a small percentage.
  4. Our suppliers are keeping us abreast of any shipping concerns so that we can continue to maintain our schedules.  So far, we have no disruptions in supply.
  5. During this time of social distancing we would like to minimize walk-in business but will continue to ship remotes and other access supplies to all our clients.  For those local to our home office we will offer curb-side service via telephone.
  6. We are taking all precautions to ensure the needs of our employees and clients will be met while maintaining enhanced safety standards.

For questions or curbside pickup please call 321-254-8011.