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Below is an email we received from Boon Edam Turnstiles about two of our installers.  We love to see and share these moments with you.



My name is Chris H. from Boon Edam.

I would like to pay compliments to the two gentlemen that your company provided for the State Farm install.

They were very sharp, they worked hard and were very inquisitive. We never had to keep them busy as their work ethic was great.

It seems that everyone nowadays is quick to criticize, but slow to compliment, so I am glad to pass along this report.  I wish that I ran into more technicians like this everyday.

I look forward to working with Jimmy and Connor again the next time I am in Florida!  Thank you very much for sending out such fine motivated individuals.


Chris H.|  Field Technician |  Boon Edam Inc.


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