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Anti-Terror Gate

In 2022 there was a series of substation attacks across the U.S.  People using ballistic weapons to attack the power grid for unknown purposes.  At the time, substations weren’t the best protected facilities.  Move ahead one year, FDC is leading the charge in anti-terror substation defense in Florida.  Our series of ballistic gates, the StrongWeld Defender, is now standing tall in front of many substations and power plants around the state.


The StrongWeld Defender helps sensitive facilities get up to NERC standards by making a gate that can stop bullets.  This gate matches the height of concrete blast walls that now surround many substations.  Constructed of ballistic rated panels, it is available in a variety of sizes and ballistic ratings.  Ballistic anti-terror man-doors are also available to match.

anti terror

FDC will design-build a system for contractors working on power plants and substations, or will work directly with end users.  Contact an FDC consultant today for more information on ballistic gates and security gates.

Other services that FDC offers include access control solutions, automatic doors, revolving doors, turnstiles, security gates, barrier gates, anti-ram barriers and so much more.  Our products and services are perfect for government buildings, correctional facilities, power plants, substations, water plants, commercial facilities and more.


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