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Alien Sightings

Alien Sightings; and What to Do if You See One!

UAPs, alien sightings, and the discovery of alien bodies have been very popular in the news this past year. With visitors from space becoming more of a reality, I have been tasked with developing an alien encounter safety plan. With so little information out there regarding extraterrestrial life, it is hard to know how to approach an encounter. Do we try to communicate? Will they be hostile? Will they be friendly? In this article, we will give you some general guidelines to keep in mind should you find yourself in this particular situation.

Alien Safety Tips

  • Remain Calm: Do your best to remain calm, cool, and collected. Panicked behavior may lead to misunderstandings or unintentional actions. It may be difficult to stay calm when staring at a 6-7 foot Gray being, but try your best.
  • Observe: Take a moment to observe the alien’s behavior. If you have an understanding of what actions are taking place, you may be able to discern their intentions.
  • Communication: Using calm, friendly body language, try to communicate. Try to exemplify non-threatening behavior. Based on my readings, their may be some tele-communication going on. Not the kind on your cellphone folks, the mind reading kind. It may startle you, so try to stay calm.
  • Avoid sudden movements: Taking sudden, frantic movements, may be perceived as aggressive. If you must move, move slowly, but deliberately.
  • NO weapons: Try not to display or reach for any weapons. This could lead to a misunderstanding and we do not have a good understanding of what weapons they may have. If it’s some sort of laser gun, you could be in trouble.
  • Respect boundaries: This may be one of the easiest guidelines due to our potential fear in this situation. However, if you find yourself fearless, give them some space. No need to be all up in their bubble. Besides, we don’t really know what kind of extraterrestrial flu they may have.
  • Documentation: If you are able to, try to document the encounter. Taking pictures or videos would be best, but they usually end up distorted in some way, so record by any means necessary. Go live on Instagram if you have to.
  • Back away slowly: If you feel threatened or uncomfortable, try to back away slowly from the situation. If you can avoid turning your back on the alien, it is suggested you do so.
  • Seek professional help: If you end up walking away from this encounter, be sure to report it to the proper authorities and seek medical attention to be sure everything is OK. They may be able to provide guidance or assistance.
  • Gift exchange: If the alien seems friendly and receptive, consider giving them a small gift or symbol of goodwill.  Who doesn’t love a free Amazon gift card?
  • Emergency beacon: Consider carrying a universal emergency beacon to signal distress if problems should arise.
  • Create a safe zone: Establish safe perimeters for both parties to prevent risk or accidental harm. Aliens may not be familiar with how dangerous life can be on earth, so be sure to try to warn them of the potential problems if they leave the perimeter.

alien sightings


The possibility of alien sightings or a full-fledged alien encounter may be extremely low, but it is good for you to keep these ideas in the back of your mind in case you happen upon this scenario. Remember, you may be considered an ambassador of some sort to another world. This role is extremely important. Trying to keep the peace and have a safe, friendly encounter is imperative for future alien alliances. You could happen to be so well-liked by the aliens that they decide to present you with gifts or leave the planet altogether! Just do your best to handle the situation as professionally as possible.

We at FDC do acknowledge that this is a highly unlikely, and hypothetical scenario… but we like to always be prepared here. Security is our business and you never know… one day we may need to build gates in the sky. Please think of us in 1,000 years when gates in the sky are needed. We would love to help you and the planet you live on.  Stay safe.

FDC Safety Team.


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