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Choosing the Right Gate Operator

So you want to get an automated, gated entrance or driveway gate, but aren’t sure which way to go.  First things first, you’ve got to decide on your gate style.  If style and design is your main priority, you want to go with a nice ornamental swing gate system.  Swing gates give an elegant, classy look to a gate entrance, and can be custom designed to give your estate almost any look you could imagine.  Since they swing open, and don’t slide behind another gate, they allow for more extravagant decorations designed to look like tree brances, tropical fruits, blooming flowers and more.

Take a look at this elaborate ornamental driveway gate system fitted with a Hy Security Swing Riser electric gate operator.  “Open Sesame!”

As shown above, your gated entrance can really stand out if a swing gate is used.  Trying to do something like this on a slide gate or electric rolling gate wouldn’t really work because of the clearance that would be needed to prevent the branches from catching on the gate posts as it slides open and shut.

Available operators include HySecurity Swing Smart and Swing Riser gate operators for swing gates & electric driveway gates.  The SwingSmart DC 20 can handle gate leafs up to 20 feet wide and 1300 lbs.

The HySecurity SwingRiser model actually raises the gate a bit before swinging as to avoid any debris in the path of the gate’s swing.  Models include the SwingRiser 14 which can handle gates up to 9 feet & 1000 lbs, the SwingRiser 19 that can handle gates up to 16 feet and 1600 lbs, and the BIG BOY, the SwingRiser 30, that can handle 16 foot gates up to 3000 lbs.

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Next we’ll look at gate operators for electric rolling gates and sliding security gates.

Security Gates: Electric Rolling Gates or Sliding Gates

Automatic Sliding Gates, sometimes referred to as electric rolling gates or driveway gates, make great security gates.   Common on commercial properties, or where space is an issue, electric sliding gates are some of the best gates available.  They can be fitted with a variety of safety devices, making them some of the safest gates out there.  For example, safety edges cause a closing gate to stop or reverse course should it come into contact with something.

When an electric sliding gate is automated, it typically needs a v-track to align to.  This keeps the gate straight and minimizes the torque on the operator.  Without some sort of guide for the gate to follow, you would end up with a wobbly gate that’s trying to steer itself off course.  V-tracks should be kept clean and free of debris as to avoid derailing the gate.

If a v-track is not an option, cantilever gate systems are.  Cantilever gate systems use larger gates as to counterbalance the part of the gate that is extending out over the entrance.  The gate doesn’t come into contact with the ground, and is balanced midway.

Automatic Sliding Security Gate (Electric Rolling Driveway Gate) on a v-track

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