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Pointe Orlando’s Parking Garage

Pointe Orlando – A Central Florida entertainment attraction, rich with a diversified night-life and a lively family venue as well.

Fall – 2011

FDC provides a complete retrofit for vehicle access and revenue control integration to Pointe Orlando’s parking garage.  The multi-level ADA compliant parking garage sits adjacent to the Pointe’s pedestrian shopping and entertainment district.   Two entrances provide ease of access from International Drive and Universal Boulevard, both of which now boast high-end parking access gates, ticket dispensers and IP cameras: fully integrated to allow remote monitoring for all points of access and revenue control.

FDC’s professional crew delivers a strategic multi-phase installation to Pointe Orlando – keeping the customer’s time-line in check, and with each benchmark met as planned.   At the International Drive entrance, FDC installed six Federal APD G-90 barrier gates with the complete advanced Omega LCD controller with visual display: each with a 10’ straight aluminum gate arm.  FDC also landed six G-90 barrier gates at the Universal Boulevard entrance, to include six Passport proximity card readers, two Universal One ticket dispensers and four Universal One exit-verifier with credit card reader integration, providing multiple payment methods for the customers.

These ticket dispensers and payment kiosks are Universal One products, manufactured by Federal APD.   The Universal One can be configured to dispense or verify mag stripe tickets in entry or exit lanes; here, we programmed them to dispense a ticket at the initial entry of the parking garage.  The Pay Stations and exit-verifiers are patron-friendly: directing the customer throughout the transaction of their payment.  In supporting technical maintenance and ease of integration, the 24VDC internal circuit allows for low voltage components, yet provides all the programmable configurations and networking required for parking revenue and automation.

In addition to the equipment installation and configurations, FDC worked closely with engineering and electrical counterparts to provide all checks and balances for Pointe Orlando’s parking system.

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StrongWeld automatic electric rolling gates

StrongWeld automatic gate in Tampa, Florida

Thank you for visiting FDC.com!  We’re glad you’re here.  FDC has been a leader in the entry management industry for over 30 years.  We specialize in all forms of entry management.  We started back in the 70’s working on doors, which lead to automatic doors, which lead to automatic electric driveway gates, which lead to security cameras and so on.

Now we are Florida’s premiere supplier of access control systems, which include keypads, telephone entry systems, card readers, remote control access and more.  We are the sole manufacturer of StrongWeld gates, the toughest, most durable gates in the industry.  StrongWeld gates can be custom designed by our manufacturing professionals to accent and beautify a gated community, or blend in with existing decor.  These gates are also some of the most reliable gates on the market, and are trusted by major industries like FPL and Progress Energy to keep facilities secure.

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