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TIBA VPS-30 Vehicle Pay Station

TIBA VPS-30, the industry’s most reliable vehicle pay station.

The VPS-30’s modular design and intelligent engineering make it the industry’s most reliable exit lane payment device. This user friendly device processes paid/unpaid tickets and accommodates monthly cardholders with a TFT display and intercom for communication with patrons. The VPS-30 takes the functionality of our SW-30 exit verifier and adds the ability to take cash for payments. TIBA’s logical design allows for the addition of AVI, hotel room key and barcode readers without costly up-charges or additional devices in the lane.

TIBA’s engineers succeeded to create a simple and reliable design. The unit consists of an off-the-shelf receipt printing/ticket scanning/transport device, power supply, bill acceptance/dispensing components, main board, I/O board and display. When changing receipt paper the interior of the unit conveniently slides out for easy access. The note safe and bill dispensers are housed in a separate cabinet in the pedestal. Also there is a convenient access panel to remove the processed tickets without taking the machine out of operation. Additionally all TIBA products have on-board communications isolators.

• Motorized barcode reader to scan and ingest tickets
• Magnetic card reader to accept credit cards, debit cards and hotel room keys
• Cash acceptance
• Cash dispensing
• Receipt printer
• Proximity reader for monthly parkers
• TFT display
• Built in Intercom
• Communications line surge protection and heater
• Stainless steel construction

• Analog, digital or VOIP intercom options
• Cash dispensing up to three notes