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Port-a-King prefabricated gate houses available in steel or anodized aluminum.

We install a broad range of different gate houses designs to meet the needs of virtually any project application. Customers who choose us to supply prefabricated steel or anodized aluminum constructed designs to house their personnel and equipment have found out what a great alternative we offer to a conventionally built gate house. Because we ship the building to the construction site completely assembled, we eliminate the considerable down time they would experience if they had built with conventional construction methods.

To offer our customers the widest selection of construction options, we offer two different types of steel constructed (Durasteel and Durasteel PC) and anodized aluminum constructed (Duraluminum) gate houses.

We can provide a gate house that fulfills your needs for both the form and the function required for your specific project application. We use time tested construction methods to install gate houses that will perform to your expectations even under the rigors of a 24/7 security operation. To prove the confidence we have in the durability of our products, we offer the best warranties in the industry.

Choose from several prefabricated designs or feel free to ask us to help you to create a custom structure designed from the ground up for your unique to security application. Port-a-King has over 45 years of experience in the design and fabricaion of modular and prefabricated structures, and we can help find and install the structure that works best for you.