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Intelligent Operations

The heart of the 3M Parking Barrier Gate is the Omega LCD ControllerTM. This fully integrated controller provides a system approach for convenient, accurate and cost-effective lane management.

The gate can handle numerous lane configurations — including reversing lanes with three vehicle detectors — with software options embedded into the unit’s Configuration Module. This factory programmed microcontroller plugs into the power board and defines the software options used in the gate.


The 3M Parking Barrier Gate is built on a tradition of high quality barrier gates that you depend on from 3M. The gate is extremely durable in the harshest environments. Its heavy-gauge aluminum cabinet is armored with a weather-resistant finish to keep your installation looking clean and new for years of rust-free service.


The 3M Parking Barrier Gate allows you to design an on-board information center with counting functions integrated into a single self-contained device. The controller’s software logic integrates optional counting functions such as resettable and non-resettable totalizing counts, single and dual differential counts, hourly counts and a host of statistical counts. These counts can be viewed on the controller’s visual display and are accessed by the menu-driven keypad.

In addition, three integrated and automatically self-tuning vehicle detectors are available. These high-speed detectors provide a sensitive tailgating recognition system that is capable of recognizing two separate vehicles traveling over a detector loop simultaneously. Diagnostic and metering tools are also built into the controller.



Advanced Omega LCD Controller with visual display

Power Supply Board provides multiple input/output terminals

Total lane management with:

- Two built-in vehicle detectors

- Sensitive reversing logic

- Built-in diagnostics

- Event history report

- Back-out timer

- 7 day memory & data storage

Options include:

- Third integrated vehicle detector

- Totalizing & differential counts

- Automatic time zone controls

- Hourly statistical reports

- Directional logic

- Communications interface to facility management system