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Everything you need to automate a door and make it ADA Compliant!  Operator and 2 wireless push buttons.

The FDC4233 ADA low energy handicapped door operator and wireless push button package is an ADA handicapped door openeing system that will get you ADA compliant in no time.  The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requires public entrances to have handicap door opener systems in place to help disabled patrons.  Both new buildings and alterations to existing structures need to comply to ADA standards.  With this package, ADA compliance is made easy.

Made for easy installation on all commercial applications such as perimeter exterior doors, interior doors & rest room doors in all public places such as medical facilities, labs, office buildings, public rest rooms, retail stores, restaurants, hospitals, warehouses and more.  This ADA Package has everything you need to make facilities more accessible and comfortable for disabled patrons by creating low energy, automatic doors.

Package features:

ADA Compliant Door Operator (Opener Device)

2 Wireless Push Buttons



Open and close in absolute silence

The 950 automated systems command door opening and closing in absolute operating silence, both in the spring version and in the motorised closing version


Versatile and elegant

The automated systems Faac 950 BM (with spring closing system) and the 950 BSM (with motorised closing system without spring) can be installed both on the lintel and directly on the door’s structure. The housing covering the automated system can be supplied in anodized extruded aluminium or in shaped ABS in an innovative design making it possible to fit a detection sensor (passive infrared) inside it.


Safe and intelligent

The automated system has two control boards: 950 MPS (control board) and 950 I/O (input/output). A microprocessor controls all the door’s activities in real time, and an encoder detects its angular position at all times. Moreover, you select the operating logic (automatic, manual, night, open) by means of an integrated selector. Built in conformity with the new European safety regulations, speed and force are programmed according to the size of the door. If an obstacle is detected, the door reopens immediately, and as it closes it verifies, at slow speed, the release of the obstacle.


Powerful and reliable

Thanks to the accurate selection of the mechanical and electronic components, our 950 BM automated system is able to move leaves weighing over 300 kg, on continuous duty, while always maintaining absolute operational safety.