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Card Access


Building Access

Many commercial businesses and government facilities throughout Florida rely on FDC access systems for their building access needs.  Whether it is a city hall in Jacksonville, a government contractor in Miami, an airport in Tampa, or a theme park in Orlando, FDC access systems can be custom built to suit the needs of the customer.

Card Access

Card access systems come in a variety of forms these days.  While many are familiar with magnetic stripe (or swipe card readers), the card access industry is moving more toward touchless systems.  Touchless key cards, or proximity cards, don't require the access card to make physical contact with the card reader.  This means less wear and tear on both card readers and the access cards themselves.

Proximity cards don't need replacing as frequently as the old magnetic stripe cards used in swipe card readers.

Browse some of our card access systems online to learn a little more or request a quote to have a building access consultant visit you and inform you of all your building access options.

Barcode Readers

Many building access systems rely on employee badging with scannable barcodes to grant access via barcode readers.  FDC is also an installer of BAI barcode readers and badging systems.  Contact an FDC building access consultant today for more details or browse some of our barcode systems online.

Building Access systems installed and maintained by FDC
• card access - mag stripe, proximity cards
• barcode systems - barcode readers, employee badging
• keypads - electric strike and magnetic lock doors
• TES - telephone entry systems
• Push to Exit - push buttons

Request a quote for card access or other access systems from an FDC consultant today!

Tilt Gates


Looking for parking garage tilt gates or sectional grille gates (roll up garage door style of gate)?  If so, FDC StrongWeld tilt gates are the perfect security solution for you.  Our custom-built parking garage gates can keep out trespassers, and help protect the assets, belongings and vehicles of you, your residents, patrons, or visitors.

StrongWeld Tilt Gates

Tilt gates (or tilt grilles) are flat panels that tilt as they're lifted upward to rest flat against the ceiling.  If brought in during the design phase, our parking garage engineering team can design the perfect tilt gates to fit in to your parking garage.  We can provide CAD drawings or take your existing CAD drawings and architectural plans and insert parking garage gates while ensuring ADA clearance and life safety requirements.  Retrofitting to an existing garage or fitting garage access gates into a parking garage that is currently being built is also an option, but it is best practice to get our team involved as early as possible so that the proper distances are considered during the architectural stage.

StrongWeld Sectional Grille Gates

Nothing provides convenience, elegance, and security to your parking garage as well as StrongWeld sectional grille gates. These gates fold at the section joints allowing the door to raise in a straight upward direction and then curve 90 degrees along the ceiling.

When island, lanes, or walkways are present, FDC can create walls or cages out of the same fabric as the grille gates or tilt gates to match and keep the garage secure.  Gate controls can also be integrated with both vehicle and pedestrian gates leading into the garage. For an added layer of security, FDC can also add barrier gates to vehicle lanes to help prevent tail-gating.

Whether you need parking garage gates, tilt gate CAD drawings, or if you want an engineering team to step in and design the garage's access control system for you, FDC offices in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando & Miami have experienced personnel to help you plan it out properly.

Need CAD drawings or help designing a parking garage?  Request a Quote to speak with a consultant or download CAD Drawings for StrongWeld tilt gates.


StrongWeld gates can be custom designed to fit your place of business.  Talk to a consultant today about custom gate design, signage and colors.



CCTV Surveillance Systems

For many parking facilities and large residential and commercial buildings in Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, FL and beyond, surveillance is done through a series of surveillance systems & security cameras linked together via closed circuit television (or cctv) to a security or surveillance systems room.  These surveillance systems rooms are equipped with monitors that can view all camera feeds simultaneously or switch from camera to camera for a bigger, more detailed look at what is going on.

Surveillance systems rooms and cctv closed circuit television can help keep an eye on parking equipment, customers, residents and facilities for better safety and security.

FDC - CCTV Installer

A cctv installer like FDC can also set your system to record video logs onto DVRs (digital video recorders).  DVR size is dependent on the amount of information you want to be able to record, the quality you want that recorded video at and the amount of time you want to save it before recording over it.  Many times, damages aren't even noticed until a few weeks after incidents occur.  This is when you will want to be certain that your video recordings go back that far.

A cctv installer can install IP cameras to allow you to watch surveillance systems remotely via an internet enabled pc or laptop, or for even more versatility via your smart phone.  An FDC consultant will be able to help you choose the right cctv surveillance systems for your security application.

Remember, when choosing surveillance systems to consider
• Video quality and clarity - if you want to be able to identify people, vehicles, etc. - a cctv installer can advise
• Storage space (how long before video is written over) - a cctv installer can advise
• Activation (always recording or only upon motion, etc.)
• Night vision or infrared cameras necessary? - a cctv installer can advise
• How many cameras to efficiently record target - one wide view cannot capture details - a cctv installer can advise

These are the types of things a professional cctv installer will ask you to set up properly working surveillance systems that suit your needs.  FDC is a cctv installer for Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, & Orlando, FL as well as surrounding areas.

Branch offices in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and Melbourne allow FDC to provide cctv services Coast to Coast.  Ft. Myers to Gainesville, The Florida Keys to West Palm Beach to Tallahassee, FDC is the cctv installer for you!

Pool Gates


Community Pool Gates

Swimming pools are meant for fun and recreation during the hot summer months, an escape from the heat!  However, some gated communities have problems with trespassers going into pool areas.  FDC gates are among the most trusted and most versatile community pool gates in the state of Florida.  Community swimming pools in gated communities, apartment complexes, condos and other locations rely on the solid combination of StrongWeld community pool gates and the SecuraSwing hydraulic pedestrian gate closer to keep those who aren't permitted out of pool areas and for all their swimming pool access needs.

SecuraSwing Gate Closers

Pools can be dangerous if left unattended.  You want to be sure gates will close behind visitors as they leave the pool area.  The SecuraSwing hydraulic gate closer takes that worry away by offering you "The Perfect Close" - soft, quiet and secure.

The SecuraSwing is the ultimate gate closing device for community pool gates. The SecuraSwing is a fully concealed, commercial grade, hydraulic closing device located in the gate leaf.  Gate closes softly and securely every time.  Two stage closing adjustment allows for independent sweep and latch check speed adjustment.  Device spring is sized to match gate width and weight.  Check out more information on the SecuraSwing hydraulic pedestrian gate closer here.

Swimming Pool Access Control

Proper swimming pool access controls can be set up to get into pool areas.  Card access is a perfect solution for swimming pool access.  Proximity cards or badges can be a requirement to get through the pool gates, so that strangers or unattended children can't get in.  FDC offers a wide array of swimming pool access control solutions to protect your pool from trespassers.

Increase pool secuirty with:
• StrongWeld community pool gates
• SecuraSwing hydraulic pedestrian gate closers
• Pool fencing
• Swimming pool access controls

Branch offices in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and Melbourne allow FDC to service the state from Coast to Coast.  Ft. Myers to Gainesville, The Florida Keys to West Palm Beach to Tallahassee, FDC is the community pool gates installer for you!




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