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FDC offers a full line of support to architects and engineers with projects throughout the state of Florida.  FDC works hand in hand with developers, architects, engineers and contractors to turn proposed improvements into fully functional facilities loaded with access control and security options of any size.

Our in-house engineering team carefully plans out and designs systems in CAD to give the customer (developer or property owner) a good look at the fully integrated system's requirements ahead of time.  We are able to take architect's CAD drawings or specs and add our access and security systems in place, working hand-in-hand with the architect.  We are also available to help architects spec out the proper equipment to meet the needs of the client.  Architects specification sheets are available upon request.

Our access control and parking revenue consultants are available to help select the right equipment for jobs of any size, meeting security and budgetary needs.  Vehicle control devices as well as crash barriers, card access and remote monitoring are all part of our arsenal.

FDC consultants design/build entire access systems from the ground up.  Depending on the needs and size of the client, FDC will supply the right hardware for the right locations and tie it all together with the best software solution to manage the entire system.  Working with existing blue prints or creating CAD drawings from scratch, we can place access control readers in pivotal locations, place cameras to monitor all sensitive areas, program an access control system to capture and record all necessary data, and tie it all back to a control room to be stored on digital recording devices or transferred across the internet.

Our complete access control solutions systems are widely used by large residential condominium and apartment buildings in Miami, large corporations in Jacksonville, sporting complexes in Tampa and military installations in Orlando and beyond.

• Access Control Systems / Software & Hardware
• Door Automation & ADA Compliance
• Gate Automation & Vehicle Barriers
• Parking Revenue Systems & Equipment
• Surveillance Cameras & CCTV

Property Managment


Fulfilling your property management needs can be a chore.  There are many facets that need to be addressed, from the hiring of general contractors, to having an adequate parking solution structure in place, and more.  Luckily, Florida Door Control has got you covered, providing an easily integrated, fully customizable system in place to meet your residential gated community access or commercial parking needs.

So, why have even more personnel to help accommodate the enforcement of your parking solution structures in place?  Why indeed; part of simplifying your property management needs includes having a simple, digital interface to more efficiently and effectively maintain order for your parking situation.  In this era of ever-expanding technological breakthroughs, several aspects of property management are becoming easier and easier to handle, and for your parking solution needs, FDC is more than capable of providing you with just the system you need to meet the demands of not only the owners and employees, but the visiting patrons as well.

For state of the art, top-notch yet cost-effective measures to get your parking needs in check, Florida Door Control has got the solution for you.  With an integrated cooperation between staff and technology, you can and will attain order for your business enterprises respective parking needs. 

Property management companies rely on FDC for commercial and residential parking solutions, access control systems, automatic sliding gates and swing gates and more.  Our StrongWeld security gates are the industry standard in electric rolling gates for gated communities and commercial properties.

Some of the available equipment FDC can provide includes:

•  Access control system installation & service
•  Telephone entry systems & programming
•  Automatic sliding gates, swing gates, and grille gates
•  Parking barriers and barrier gate arms

General Contractors Parking Solutions


General contractors are in charge of the day-to-day operations on construction sites, whether they be large scale residential apartment or condominium buildings, commercial retail shopping malls, government facilities, etc.  These GCs must also manage vendors, subcontractors and communication of information from the building or property owners to everyone involved in the project.  It's no easy task.

When it comes to entrance systems, whether they be automatic sliding doors, automatic sliding gates or swing gates, parking garage grill gates or barrier arms and parking equipment, FDC is the access control solutions expert in Florida.  Classified as a small business, FDC can help you meet your financial resource goals while still bringing the professionalism and expertise of a large corporation.  FDC has developed parking solutions for several high-rise apartment buildings in Miami where space was tight, making it a precious commodity.  Our parking equipment and innovative parking gate designs allow us to come up with solutions to most any problem.

Are you a government contractor?  Great news, FDC is on the GSA schedule.  We are able to provide GSA pricing on a large assortment of gate automation, access control solutions and automatic doors.

General Contractor parking solutions and support:
• Access control system installation
• Parking revenue solutions & parking equipment
• Automatic sliding gates, swing gates and grille gates
• Parking barriers and barrier gate arms
• GSA pricing on gate and access systems



FDC offers a full line of support to property management and land development companies with projects throughout the state of Florida.  Providing more than just parking equipment, FDC works hand in hand with developers, architects, engineers and contractors to turn proposed improvements into fully functional, design-build residential parking garages, access-controlled apartment buildings with full surveillance and security options, automated parking equipment, employee parking lots and/or public parking garages, mixed use parking facilities, vehicle control and traffic directing devices and more.  Our vehicle control applications can be fully integrated with pedestrian access solutions to create ease of use through one unique, universal access credential.

Developers rely on FDC's decades of experience to help them create sensible, secure parking garages for residential apartment and condominium buildings.  Our residential garages in Miami are secured with StrongWeld overhead grille gates.  These gates are activated by access cards that grant the resident access to the building's lobby (and sometimes elevator) and the parking facility.

FDC custom builds gates to any specifications so that you have the most security for your property.  Automated overhead grille gates and automatic sliding gates have both been used in garage systems designed by FDC.

Strategically placed surveillance cameras ensure security for both property managers and residents, capturing and recording activities on the premises and sending the video to secured monitoring rooms for review and backup.  Cameras monitoring parking equipment can help keep it secure.

Not developing residential?  Want to turn some available land into revenue generating parking facilities?  FDC's Parking Operations Consultants have decades of experience from both sides of the parking industry.  As former valet and parking operations managers themselves, they know the pitfalls and conveniences that need to be addressed to run a successful parking facility, and can provide the right parking equipment for the job.

FDC Design-Build Developer Parking Solutions
• Residential lobby and parking access card integration
• StrongWeld custom automatic gate systems
• Surveillance systems and security rooms
• TIBA parking equipment distributor

Valet Parking Equipment


Valet parking equipment is a key component of many industries, including hotels, resorts, casinos, airports, shopping malls, airports and more. The challenges for valet parking facility managers have often been fraudulent damage claims, lost and misplaced ticket claims and the overall cost associated with having employees.  FDC valet parking systems and automated valet parking equipment can help you increase your revenues, reduce your costs and maximize profits…here’s how.

Reduce Labor Costs by 25%
By setting goals such as minimum parks per hour and fronts per hour, your employees know you mean business.  With these productivity standards in place, our valet parking equipment systems can generate reports evaluating your employees so you can reward and discipline your employees as needed, typically saving you 5-25%.

Increase Revenue Up to 30%
With our automated fee calculation valet parking systems and customer request kiosks, manual time clocks are a thing of the past and cash passes through fewer hands.  Discount and validation controls restrict validations from within the program.

Reduce Claims Pay-Out by up to 80%
High-definition camera systems and full motion video from multiple angles give you full records for review.  Capturing vehicle condition upon entry allows YOU to assess validity of damage claims.  Easier research, no more sketches.  Cold-hard facts simplify the process.

Valet App Suite
From multiple ticket issuance options and data capture upon arrival to POS Credit Card and receipt e-mailing capability, FDC Valet App Suite lets you easily cater to the customer through the entire valet process.

Automated Data Entry
Through the use of online registration, license plate recognition or VIN number scanning, FDC valet parking equipment can easily automate the data entry process, eliminating the mistakes that often come with manual entry.

Visual Valet
Rather than using text-driven data entry, operators can utilize a Valet App and/or our fixed high definition camera lane to capture images of the vehicles as they are parked by the valets. Users now have a unique identifier that can allow valets to retrieve vehicles with little or no additional manual data entry steps.

Data Flow
You need an intelligent data management solution that allows valet parking equipment operators to use visual gadgets to represent data from within your application. Data should be pushed to you as it happens, allowing you to manage your operations in real-time.

Customer Vehicle Request
Vehicle Request allows customers to quickly request their vehicle in advance of their departure, through self-serve kiosks, dial-up requests or smart phone applications.

Hotel & Resort Integration
Valet parking service is a key component of many industries, including hotels, resorts, casinos, airports, shopping malls, airports and more.  FDC can seamlessly integrate your valet parking service systems and revenue collection equipment to help make your guests’ stays more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable. 

FDC is a T.I.B.A. Authorized dealer in the state of Florida.  We also work on legacy systems from other manufacturers.  Our installations can be seen all over the state, or you can see some samples in our photo gallery.

FDC installs & services valet parking equipment Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami & the entire state of Florida.  Call toll free in Florida 800-321-6487.





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