Florida Security Gates: Overhead Grill Gates

Overhead grill gates are commonly used in parking garages in major metropolitan areas like Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville or Tampa here in Florida.  The grill gate is very similar to a garage door in design, as it raises up to allow vehicles to pass underneath.

Like a modern garage door, articulated grill gates or rolling grill gates are rolled up toward the ceiling requiring minimum space to store the grill gate while in the up position. 

A tilt style grill gate is like an old fashioned garage door, that stays straight the entire time as it is tilted diagonally until it runs parallel to the ceiling.

When paired with electric gate operators, grill style automatic gates are an excellent choice and are probably the most impenetrable style of automated security gates.  With branches in Jacksonville, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, and Melbourne, Florida, FDC can solve all your security gate and access control needs regardless of your location in the state of Florida.

Florida Gates: Barrier Gates

Barrier gates are used more as a deterrent or traffic control rather than security gates.  Barrier gate arms reach out across traffic lanes to stop vehicles from proceeding until access is granted.  Toll booths, gated entrances and parking garages are common users of barrier gates.

Barrier gates can have standard straight barrier arms or folding barrier gate arms.  In a parking garage for instance, where height is an issue, a folding arm would be used so that the reach of the arm covers the path of traffic, but folds when raised as to not hit the ceiling.

Barrier gates only prevent passage of vehicles, although there are pedestrian barriers that work in the same manner.  Information on these can be found on our pedestrian barriers & e-gates page.

FDC locations in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Jacksonville, Melbourne and Orlando make covering the state of Florida a breeze.  Find out more at www.FDC.com today!

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